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Brunei has not experienced such a phenomenon in the baking industry until now with Bake Culture serving up baked goods so fresh and delicious you’ll keep coming back for more.



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As an international bakery franchise with multiple outlets and presence in Brunei, Taiwan, China and USA, Bake Culture’s vision is “to establish a one-stop bakery experience that brings people to delight in and share baked goods from all over the world,” setting themselves apart through an endless pursuit of quality, extensive customer involvement and catchy marketing strategies.

The people behind Bake Culture require no introduction. Founded in 2015, Bake Culture was co-founded by three international celebrities: Brunei’s international pop star Wu Chun with two of his celebrity friends and now business partners, Vanness Wu from the Taiwanese sensation F4 and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit, Wu’s former group mate. All three have come together because of their one common goal and aspiration: Sharing the passion for high-quality tasting artisan baked goods with the rest of the world.

Celebrity endorsement aside, Bake Culture stands out on its own merit thanks to the quality it presents in its baked goods. Bake Culture believes that the demand for baked goods is being driven by flavour innovation, with affordability remaining as a key concern, particularly in the emerging world. Therefore, no expense is spared in ensuring utmost priority in using premium ingredients, including premium flour from France and Singapore. All their baked goods are made without added preservatives or artificial colours. In March 2016, Bake Culture was certified halal by the Brunei Halal Authority for their retail and manufacturing divisions for a combined total of more than 200 products range, being individually certified.

The drive for authenticity and innovation are also ever important in captivating the interests of loyal Bake Culture customers. This is made possible by the bakery’s team of experienced bakers, such as the young Bruneian baker Claudia Yong Yi Yunn who in 2018 emerged the champion of the cake category in the regional Anchor Food Professionals’ Pastry and Culinary Challenge.

Made in Brunei ❤ Loved by All!
Everything at Bake Culture is made in Brunei with local ingredients by Bruneians. You can find their popular items at the Brunei International Airport and hotels.

Top Picks
If you’re looking for a gift from Brunei, the Cookies Series is ideal! The popular flavours are Nasi Lemak, The Musang King and The Golden Salted Egg.

In 2018, Bake Culture introduced its Cookie Series called “Flavors of Asia” and this instantly created outstanding interests in the market. There are seven distinctive flavours altogether, inspired from local Bruneian favourites as well as drawing inspiration from favourite dishes from Southeast Asia.

The noteworthy flavours that have proven most popular among customers and food enthusiasts alike are “The Musang King”, made with the highly sought-after Musang King durian for durian lovers; “The Golden Salted Egg”, a local Bruneian and Asian must-try; the “Nasi Lemak”, a must-have for those who love spicy food, made with Bake Culture’s own Bruneian sambal recipe; and the “Brunei Laksa”, made with a special blend of laksa spices and hearty island flavours. All-time favourites and crowd pleasers such as Belgian Chocolate, French Butter and Japanese Matcha are also popular and perfect for indulgence with tea or coffee throughout the day.

Since its launch, these cookies have become an instant favourite amongst the locals who appreciate them for their distinctive and comforting take on local Asian and Bruneian-inspired flavours while also proving to be a popular hit amongst tourists, especially those from China who are eagerly looking to share their unique experience of Brunei flavours with their loved ones back home. These flavourful cookies have helped open the door for exciting new opportunities for Bake Culture, piquing the interests of both local and foreign entities looking to export and market these cookies as part of the unique Bruneian experience and a Bake Culture original.

Check out its Facebook or Instagram pages @bakeculturebrunei.

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