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Make this year one to remember with amazing adventures at these popular Royal Brunei destinations.



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Going Down Under? Make it one to remember by soaring over in a hot air balloon ride, enjoying views of the land like no such other. Soar over the Yarra Valley during the golden light of sunrise or see Melbourne’s skyscrapers and urban parks from a different perspective up above. There are many operators you can choose from on the Internet such as Picture This Ballooning (www.picturethisballooning.com.au) who has been flying hot air balloons since 1997.
Royal Brunei Airlines flies Melbourne daily.

Visiting Indonesia’s Komodo Islands to see a Komodo dragon is definitely a once in a lifetime experience but the Indonesian government had plans to close the park this year in order to preserve this endangered animal. Fortunately, that plan has been scrapped and instead, the government will limit visitor numbers and raise entry prices. So if it’s always been your dream to see these dragons, don’t wait any longer. The Komodo dragon exists only in this part of the world – on Komodo Island, which is home to nearly 3,000 dragons that can grow to around three metres in length. While these creatures rarely attack humans (they roam in the wild on the island), you still need to be cautious around them and treat these animals with respect!
Royal Brunei Airlines flies Bali 5x weekly for easy connections to Komodo Islands.

When it comes to preserving nature, Brunei has done something quite amazing. The no-cut policy in the 1990s stopped deforestation, which preserved most of Brunei’s virgin rainforest. Which is why Brunei is the place to go for ecotourism with its lush rainforest, especially at the Ulu Temburong National park that covers 550 square kilometres of flora and fauna – and even then only one percent is open to the public. If you want your own National Geographic moment of exploring Mother Nature’s beauty, this is the place to be where there are more than 40 species of butterfly, the rare exploding ants, gibbons, hornbills and more. Getting to the park is an adventure in itself – you’ll have to take a local water taxi through some of the most astonishingly beautiful virgin rainforest before arriving at the national park. One of the main reasons why people flock to Ulu Temburong? The canopy walk that stands at 43 metres tall which you can only reach by climbing a set of stairs about 746 steps on a hill that’s 950 metres high. Sounds scary? You bet it is… but so worth it when you get to the top overlooking the beauty that’s Borneo!

Up for an adventure this year? Here’s one – climb Mount Kinabalu and tick it off your list! The tallest peak between the Himalayas and the new Guinea, Mount Kinabalu – at 4,095 metres – exerts a magical quality where its peaks are constantly veiled in the clouds and the summit reveals a distinct glacier carved pinnacle. The best part is climbing this Borneo beauty is one of the safest and most achievable feat provided you are physically fit. The highest point of the mountain (Low’s Peak) can be accessed relatively easily by any person with reasonable fitness and require no technical climbing skills. It’s a 8.8km trek to the top and most climbers will take two days to climb up and down with an overnight stay at the huts in Panalaban. You will need to be accompanied by a mountain guide at all times so make sure to arrange everything before your big climb.
Royal Brunei Airlines flies Kota Kinabalu 15x weekly.

The one thing that’s always on a Japan holiday itinerary? Mount Fuji and sakura season. So why not get the best of both worlds by visiting Mount Fuji during sakura season! The cherry blossoms around the Fuji Five Lakes typically peak around mid April and a recommended spot in the region is the Chureito Pagoda, a recently built pagoda in the hills of Fujiyoshida City across from Mount Fuji. For the best photo opportunity, go early in the morning when it’s not too crowded and the light conditions are the best.
Royal Brunei Airlines flies Tokyo 4x weekly.

One of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe, the Roman Baths – at the heart of Bath, which in itself is a World Heritage Site – consists of remarkably preserved remains of one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient world. It was built by the Romans, who unearthed the hot springs nearby, and erected these astounding structures to house them. You can explore the Roman Baths, walk on the original Roman pavements, and see the ruins of the Temple of Sulis Minerva. Natural hot water still flows through the city while its unique thermal springs rise in the site of the Roman Baths. Each year, over a million visitors visit it, which is why this goes up on your travel must-do holidays.
Royal Brunei Airlines flies London daily for easy connections to Bath.

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