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While every car is different, every vehicle has basic service and maintenance needs. Here are the basics to car care maintenance that can save you petrol beyond the pump.


Engine Oil
5,000km / 3 months
Always refer to your owner’s manual. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the right oil viscosity to use. Change the engine oil according to the recommended maintenance schedule.

Wheel Balancing & Alignment
5,000km / 3 months
Keeping your wheels properly aligned will help minimise tyre wear and help your vehicle achieve better fuel economy.

Tyre Rotation
5,000km / 3 months
For even tread wear, have your tyres rotated by automotive professionals. This will also help them detect other tyre issues before they become serious problems. Check your spare tyre, too.

Brake Fluid Change
30,000km / once a year
Brake fluids have limited life. Check the brake system and fluid level during every oil change service.

Automatic Transmission Service
20,000km / once a year
Improves lubrication and maximises the life of transmission.

Spark Plug Change
20,000km / once a year
Regular maintenance helps prevent spark plug from failing to ignite, or misfiring, which can cause the car to not start smoothly.

Power Steering Service
20,000km / once a year
The fluid keeps the steering smooth. Changes in your steering, such as a ‘funny’ sound, could indicate low fluid level, so have it checked.

Air Conditioning Service
Whenever you have the car serviced, ask your mechanic to check the refrigerant level and top up the gas as necessary.

18 months to 3 years
Most car batteries today are maintenance-free and can last about three years. Heat is the number one reason battery degrades quickly. The first sign your battery should be replaced is often when you have trouble starting the engine.

Windshield Wipers & Wiper Fluid
6 – 12 months
Windshield wiper care is one of the most neglected basic car maintenance tips. Replace the blades every six to twelve months or whenever the rubber becomes worn. Check the wiper fluid every couple weeks and keep it full.

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