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Lonely Planet
Where to catch the aurora? What about the best sites for meteor showers? The answers to these and more can be found in Lonely Planet’s Dark Skies, the first world’s guide to astrotourism that includes guides to 35 dark-sky sites and national parks, where to see the aurora, the next decade of total solar eclipses and how to view rocket launches plus the lowdown on commercial space flight, observatories and meteor showers. The perfect gift for the astronomy fan.



Lonely Planet Kids
If your kid is constantly asking you this and that whenever you’re at the airport, this book will come in handy. A follow-up to How Cities Work, the book explores the earliest airports through to today and answers some of your kid’s most curious questions: Where does luggage go after check in? What happens in the control tower? With interactive, lift-the flap sections to “uncover” the hidden secrets of the airport.

By the children’s books specialist Usborne comes this comprehensive and newly updated world atlas with 60 pages of colourful maps showing countries, cities, towns, mountains, rivers, lakes and places of interest. Includes a map index, general index, gazetter of states, geography quiz and time zones. It’s the perfect book to keep the little ones occupied (and even adults!). You can also check out internet links to recommended websites to find out more about each continent, take virtual tours and download more maps.


Nathan W. Pyle
From New York Times bestselling author Nathan W. Pyle comes this adorable and profound universe in pink, blue, green and purple. Based on the Instagram of the same name, Strange Planetcovers a full life cycle of the planet’s inhabitants, offering a sweet and hilarious look at a distant world not all that unlike our own. You’ll love it for the illustrations!


Cecelia Ahern
It’s been seven years since Holly Kennedy’s husband Gerry died – and Holly has come a long way after reading his final letter that urged Holly to find the courage to forge a new life. Which is exactly what she did until a group, inspired by Gerry’s letters, approached Holly to help with an issue, causing Holly to go back to a world and past she worked so hard to leave behind. Will she really escape the ghost of Gerry? A must-have if you enjoyed its prequel, PS, I Love You.




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