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Homeboy Wu Chun speaks to Muhibah on being Brand Ambassador to Royal Brunei Ailrines and his New Year plans.

How and why did you become Royal Brunei’s brand ambassador?
As an artiste, there were instances where foreign media wanted to come to Brunei to interview me. That’s when I approached Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) to sponsor air tickets. Also, I run a wellness club in Brunei and started a Loyalty Programme where I collaborated with RB for their frequent flyer programme Royal Skies. So RB and I had collaborated long before I was appointed as their Brand Ambassador. Honestly, I have been a Brand Ambassador for several brands overseas such as Levis, Taiwan Tourism, Coca Cola, etc, but none of this was from my homeland Brunei. I’m a Bruneian. I wanted to do something for my country. So I gladly accepted the offer when the opportunity came to be RB’s brand ambassador.

What are some of the collaborations you’ve done with Royal Brunei since?
We went to Shanghai to do a few press conferences to raise RB’s presence and profile. We will be going to a few other cities to promote RB in conjunction with RB’s celebration of its 40-year anniversary of establishment. This is quite an achievement for Brunei’s national carrier.

What does the role of being Brand Ambassador entail?
I hope to promote Brunei’s culture: our warmth, hospitality, simplicity, friendliness, etc. I would like to promote tourism to Brunei. With the launch of RB’s new fleet of B787 Dreamliner this is an opportune time for me to promote RB and my country – Brunei.

In the activities you’ve worked with as Brand Ambassador, how much input do you give to Royal Brunei – do you communicate your thoughts and ideas before launching on a programme together?
I travel frequently, and I am in contact with my fans, the people, culture, etc of many countries. When RB plans for a promotion in a certain city/destination, I will contribute to help them understand better the people and culture there. But I should say my working relationship with RB is a two-way communication. I have been constantly inspired by RB’s ideas and concepts, too.

How do you find balance between being an artiste and an ambassador for the airline?
I guess it’s a matter of time management. As an artiste, a business entrepreneur, and having my own young family, I always plan ahead and share my schedule with RB. From there, we plan our activities.

How do you think your experience as an artiste add value to the Royal Brunei brand?
As an artiste, I constantly live and hope to set a good example as a role model. Before I was a celebrity I follow my idols’ behaviour and lifestyle, and I know how they influenced me. Now that I have a fan base, I want to promote good values. For instance, giving to charity. Fans used to give me presents, but I told them not to and instead save and channel the money to charity. When they donate money to charity organisations, they get the receipts and pass them to me. So I’m accumulating these receipts as presents from fans to keep me going.

I have also written a book, a biography – Ignite Courage. Through this book, I hope to inspire individuals to strive in overcoming any obstacles to achieve their dreams and not take what we already have for granted.

I am like all Bruneians. I place great emphasis on family and I am amazed at how RB has created a working culture where everyone treats each other like family. In short, I hope to maximise my time for meaningful things and contribute in small ways like these to make this world a better place to live.

What do you think when you think of Royal Brunei and what’s your favourite destination?
Since young, my father used to take us travelling. These have turned out to be very good experiences. The experiences have enriched my life, widened my vision and given me lots of inspiration. Since young, we travelled on RB. As I grew, RB also grew. Today they are 40 years old. Over the years, I have seen how RB has grown and improved. I am touched. As RB is going through a rebranding exercise, I hope to help to bring RB to greater heights, and to promote our unique Bruneian culture to the world.

Melbourne is one of my favourite destinations. I studied there. Now I travel with my family to Melbourne once a year to renew the good memories I had there. My wish is to travel around the world with my family one day.

What can we expect this year from you both from your role as RB’s Brand Ambassador and your personal projects?
I did a TV Show called Daddy Is Back with my precious daughter last year and there will be a new movie which will be released soon. I’ll work with RB to do promotions in some countries this year and most importantly, I hope to involve myself with more charity projects in 2015!

Anything you like to say to your fans?
I hope everyone can feel RB’s sincerity from their beautiful smiles. It may not be ranked as the top airline, but it is sincere in wanting to improve and provide their best to their customers.

Brunei is a beautiful and peaceful country with plentiful natural attractions. Simple lifestyle, less commercialised. Come to Brunei to relax, enjoy the simple and tranquil lifestyle, be amazed at the beautiful and natural landscape and savour the delicious cuisine.

Your New Year’s resolution and plans for the Lunar New Year?
My motto in life: Never give up. Never stop learning. As we usher in a new year, forget the past, stay positive and strive forward.

Festive seasons are special to us. Bruneians love to preserve our tradition and culture and show our warmth. For the coming Chinese New Year which falls on 19 February, I will start with playing Chinese New Year songs and decorate my home in red. During this time, we will dress up in new clothes, visit loved ones, relatives and friends and enjoy the offerings of open houses, etc. Festive celebrations are celebrated in generosity and a big way here in Brunei. Even my foreign friends who visited me in Brunei can attest to that. So join us. Make your holiday plans and come to Brunei!


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