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A festival or arts, culture, heritage and more takes place all this month in Brunei Darussalam.


December is turning into an exciting month for Brunei Darussalam. For the first time ever, Brunei Tourism, together with various programme partners and stakeholders, will bring a unique celebration to Brunei and a chance for locals and visitors to explore the charms and richness of the Sultanate. The inaugural Brunei Festival 2017 is a packed programme of events from 1 to 31 December that will feature a mix of sporting events, film, art, best of the region’s food, a market of artisan wares and regional produce, a martial arts event, beach carnivals and a youth camp.

The festival will focus on Bandar Seri Begawan though many exciting events are also happening across the other four districts. Festival goers can look up the dates of the events at Focus will be placed on delivering a fresh programme of activities, increasing the opportunity for community participation and engaging a wider audience to include both locals and visitors. In the Seni Bela Diri Festival (29-31 December) for instance, visitors can look forward to seeing the region’s best in martial arts performances, such as muay thai, wushu and silat. Elsewhere, the Creative Arts Festival (1-31 December) invites the corporate sector and community artists to display and exhibit their art works at community places so more can appreciate art at their doorstep. Among its many venues include the Royal Wharf and Brunei International Airport.

For sports enthusiasts, the Brunei Off-Road Challenge (21-24 December), Alpha Race (29-31 December) and 4WD Jamboree (29-31 December) allow the community to experience Brunei’s innovative outdoor sports landscape, embrace physical wellness and get families together. The Green Jewel Night Run (16-17 December) is also aimed to be a family affair with a Fun Run category accompanying a 23-km and 10-km categories.

Other wonderful range of activities through Islamic Tours (1-31 December), Islamic Youth Camps (8-31 December) and Local Handicrafts Showcase are designed to contribute to the local economy.

The introduction of Brunei Festival 2017 could not have come at a better time. With many of the programmes free, it is the best opportunity for locals and visitors to experience what Brunei has to offer. And because festivals are where you leave your stresses at the doorstep and get caught up in the blissful whirlwind of a fun and exciting season. So bring it on, Brunei!


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