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There is a lot to love about Malaysian nature, and camping is the way to go.

Words & Images LIZ TAN


How often have we heard the importance to disconnect in order to connect? To unplug from technology and re-learn to smell the roses? The best way to do it is to hit the road and drown yourself in nature. And, with the abundance of camping sites and nature in Malaysia, experiencing the rich outdoors is just a matter of timely planning.

Places such as Lata Kijang in Negeri Sembilan; Kem Sangka in Raub, Pahang or Sendat in Ulu Yam, Selangor are great places for hiking and camping, and are known for their pristine nature. Day trippers may gravitate towards the waterfalls or hold picnics by the river, but families can also consider camping out for a day or two to really enjoy the scenery and more.

For adults, camping is a chance to de-stress, especially when the daily routine is a typical nine-to-five. For kids, being in the outdoors lets them the chance to be explorers and seek adventure. What they see, smell, touch and listen along the way and during camping can be a lifelong educational experience they could never get from a classroom setting.

Family camping is becoming increasingly popular among Malaysians for many reasons. Foremost is the various camp sites and destinations they can choose. Whether in Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), there is no shortage to finding a site that meets all your camping needs.

Second, there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors that it does not just mean tent backpacking – where you carry everything with you. Families can opt for car camping, travelling with other families in a 4WD and packing all the necessities with you (think foldable chairs, gas stove tops and portable fans), which is often a less intimidating choice. Kids as young as two can easily tag along as you can have almost all the creature comforts within reach, and still be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Of course, it is always more fun to camp when there is at least one other kid around. Kids playing together often end up self-entertaining themselves so the adults
can do whatever they need to get the campsite ready.

The best thing about the outdoors is that families need not aim to have a lot of activities. Once in the outdoors, you will find children happy to wander around with a stick in hand, prodding and poking at interesting things on the ground.

In fact, campsites are a wealth of adventure. There are interesting leaves or pebbles to be found, insects/worms/spiders to be discovered. Playtime can be stacking rocks to see how high they can build. And of course, the streams and rivers offer the chance to spot or catch some fish, or build sandcastles. It’s an activity that even the adults can do.

Finally, with all things outdoorsy, remember to take only pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always pack your garbage to take home with you (or discard along the way at designated areas). Once you’ve experienced the great outdoors, it is easy to switch from urban warrior to nature lover when the time comes to unplug and unwind.



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