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The Attrage brings styling and befitting a next-generation global compact sedan.



Evolved from the current hatchback model, the Mirage, this Attrage is the current entry level super-budget sedan in the Mitsubishi lineup. The Attrage still houses the same multiple award winning fuel-efficiency hardware. Ranked #1 in Cars.com’s “New Cars for Penny Pinchers”, the Automotive Science Group “Best All-Around Performance” and “Best Environmental Performance” in the Mini-Compact Class and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy “Greenest Vehicles”, to name a few, the Attrage has everything you seek in a compact sedan.

Designed by the Mitsubishi designers to look more agile and dynamic, it still retains its practicality with just the right touch of elegance for a class-above compact model. The Attrage incorporates high-tensile steel lightweight rigid body elements that contribute to its eco performance enhancement. No surprise that the Attrage line has been given the accolade of 4-star ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Awards in 2014. All the bells and whistles in regards to safety comes as standard which includes dual airbags, safety belt with pre-tensioners, RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body construction, 4ABS brakes system, EBD Brake assist and all the works.

Class-leading fuel efficiency is one of the features that set the Attrage apart from its competitors. It boasts a whopping 21 kilometres of road travelling with just one litre of unleaded fuel, thanks to the state-of-the-art 1.2 litre DOHC 12-valve MIVEC setup, Mitsubishi’s current proprietary engine. Coupled with the INVECS-II CVT transmission system, you will enjoy superior economy and comfort in all driving conditions. There is also a nifty “ECO” display which illuminates whenever you operate the accelerator pedal in an eco-friendly way that encourages good driving habits. The Attrage body also lends a hand to fuel saving. It is designed in such a way that the streamline shape will slip through wind resistance easily, in turn lowers cabin noise and increases handling stability. It is no surprise then that the Attrage was recently dubbed ‘The Stylish Eco Sedan’ boasting superior best-in-its-class fuel efficiency.

Inside, passengers are welcomed into a comfortable space with extra room and practical designs. The Attrage is equipped with a standard push button switch to start and stop the car. In addition, the KOS (Keyless Operation System) lets you access the car just with a touch of a button on the driver’s door. The simple yet stylish interior surrounds you and your passengers with quality materials. Smooth flowing lines and a seamless fit and finish convey quality craftsmanship. Soft yet supportive seating, thoughtful amenities and attractive features like silver accents further enhance driving pleasure. In the new Attrage, travelling is always a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The people-centred design puts people first; refined to every last detail to create an interior that maximises passenger space.

In short, the Attrage is your ultimate budget non-hybrid car. From its phenomenal fuel efficiency to low running costs and economical size tyres, you surely can’t ask for more. In Brunei, the Mitsubishi Attrage comes in two trims: the highly featured premium and basic featured standard trims.



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