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One of the three musketeers of MasterChef Australia, George Calombaris was ‘live’ in Asia to meet fans, taste the food and answer some tough questions.

You have lost 20kg, maybe even more now. How hard has it been to keep the weight off?

It’s all about healthy balanced lifestyle, not about weight loss. I wanted to be healthy so I could run around with my kids, so I continue to eat the healthy Hellenic way and exercise to stay fit.

Matt and Gary seem to want you to fatten up again. What do you think about this? Or are you trying to get them to follow your lead instead?

I’m definitely influencing them to be healthy and fit; it’s easy to over indulge but then you need to work it off! In saying that, we all love our sweets and if it’s delicious – it’s hard to resist. Just work it off later, I say!

You have recently said that margarine should be banned – if it were up to you, what are 3 foods everyone should eat everyday?

It’s all about eating whole food, and real food. Eat what’s in season and try to eat local whenever possible. Avoid eating processed food. Always know what you’re eating!

You own seven restaurants, and have had to close a couple. What advice would you give to aspiring restaurateurs hoping to enter the industry?

Do what you love but remember to always surround yourself with good people that compliment your own skills. For me it’s always about the small details.

What do you enjoy the most about being a judge on MasterChef Australia?

I love hanging out with my friends Gary and Matt everyday, it’s awesome; we talk about food all day. The show has also been able to teach people how to cook and educate children about food, where it comes from.

With MasterChef Australia in its seventh season, can we expect anything new?

The challenges are always new, the contestants’ skills are always better and better when they come on the show, so we always have to up the ante to make things challenging. There are some really great cooks in this series already.

What’s your next big project?

I’m currently working on my next cookbook which will be out this year. We’d be done with MasterChef Australia Season Seven by the time you read this. I’d be opening a new place Mastic. The Good Food Store, where I’ll be serving food I want to eat – healthy Hellenic food.

Okay, final question – how would you like to be remembered?

I’ve never been asked this question! I think to make people happy through food and bring people back together around the family table.

Masterchef Australia S7 premieres in June, Mondays to Fridays, on Lifetime (on Kristal astro channel 709 for Brunei). For more informaton, visit lifetimeasia.com.


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