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Improve your carbon footprint with these eco-friendly cars.



The BMW has been designed to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, as well as boasting new methods of mobility. It can easily handle 965 kilometres with a tank of gas and offers an alternative electrically-powered motor. It has an EPA estimated mileage of 27-34-30 mpg for highway and city driving combined. The 2016 BMW X3 also offers three engine options and each boasts strong performance and impressive fuel economy. The lofty interiors also make this a good family car.



TOYOTA Prius C 2016
The smallest of the Prius models, the Prius C still surprises with an EPA-estimated 53/46/50 mpg city/highway/combined – comparable to the 2015 regular-size Prius. This combination of extraordinarily high gas mileage and low price is something that the Prius C owners can brag about that the earlier Prius models don’t have. While the Prius C does not claim to be a luxury car, it continues to amaze and have that ‘wow’ factor when viewed alongside other subcompacts.



The Mirage is powered by a 1.0 litre three-cylinder petrol engine with MIVEC variable distribution. The vehicle is highly fuel efficient and low on auto emission and stands at just 92g CO2/km. It is the only conventional gasoline-powered vehicle – not a hybrid, EV, PHEV or natural gas-powered vehicle – to make the American Council’s Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) prestigious “Greenest Vehicles” list. The lightweight, compact engines with auto START/STOP as standard all add to the Mirage’s eco-friendly attitude.



The Mitsubishi Attrage is known for its superior economically friendly engine which runs 21km/litre. Boasting a modern and lightweight 1.2-litre engine with 100Nm of torque, the three-cylinder MIVEC unit is paired with a smooth five-speed CVT or manual transmission. With low auto emission of less than 1208g CO2/km, the Attrage puts out a respectable 78hp which gives its driver acceleration when demanded as it offers spirited torque and power while maintaining impressive fuel economy. The CVT-equipped Attrage also benefits from neutral idle, a fuel-saving feature that helps minimise idle vibration and promote a quieter cabin ambience.



GHK Motors is running a “Made for the Long Drive” campaign valid until November 2016.

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