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From yoga to detox and finding inner balance, discover the many paths to health and wellbeing in Asia.



Once, getaways that included practices such as yoga, tai chi and Ayurvedic spa treatments used to be considered “out there” – a kind of alternative holiday for those looking to heal themselves. Well, not anymore. These days, eating macrobiotic and balancing your chi while getting a tan on your holiday is as mainstream as it can get.

These “active holidays” are not just for those who think they need healing or some alternative intervention to piece their lives together. Getaways that provide programmes to de-stress, pamper – whether it’s doing pilates or learning to cook healthy – can add a pleasant edge to your hard-earned break. Here are some suggestions to popular places that can put you together again.

Fitness fans have much to look forward to this month at this luxury resort. Combining challenging exercise programmes with warm Indonesian hospitality and Oriental-inspired relaxation treatments, the estate invites guests to work up a sweat in an intense workout with celebrity trainer, Artur Zolkiewicz (from 13-23 August, 2018). Workout in a high-intensity morning class designed to leave you energised complemented by a nutritious menu of post-workout breakfasts, or opt for an afternoon class focusing on stretching to revitalise weary body parts. Later, relax with the Sanchaya Signature, a spa treatment that uses Java volcanic warm stones and a fusion of Asian/Indonesian techniques to melt away tension and promote deep relaxation. The Sanchaya is also one of the few Asian resorts that offer The Kawasaki Way Treatments, described as a “substitute for cosmetic surgery”, using Japanese deep-ocean water and selected plant materials.

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“Sucimurni” is Tanjong Jara’s concept of wholesome living seen through the lens of the villagers in Terengganu, a laidback and quiet seaside community on Malaysia’s eastcoast. The resort’s Syurga Tujuh (Seven Heavens) programme promotes gentle wholesome wellness that includes daily exercises that explore the human energy centre (chakra) to find inner peace while the traditional Malay martial arts (silat) helps you normalise breathing while promoting flexibility and better blood circulation. Every day, you unwind at the spa and indulge in Malay treatment therapies with various indigenous herbs and plants together with resident Malay healers, while the Kampong Sucimurni lifestyle gives you a personal insight into the Malay way of life that reflects their strong sense of community. Expect traditional games, stalls with homemade sweet cakes and traditional desserts, and just a good time to relax with the locals. We can’t think of a better way to reconnect yourself and re-inject some zest into your life.

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Stressed and having trouble sleeping? Press your body’s reset button at this exceptionally breathtaking resort adored by many for its barefoot luxury and sleeping programme. The Two-Day Sleep Independent Programme combines restorative spa treatments with meditation and yoga to help ease insomnia, muscle tension and depression, to name a few. Paired with its signature Sleep with Six Senses programme that fits the bedroom with Naturalmat mattress, lighting designed to enhance the release of melatonin – a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness – and more, you will be brought to dreamland in no time. You can also add other programmes to your sleep retreat and take advantage of visiting practitioners that can further help your personal transformations. For instance, discover alternative and Tibetan medicinal practices with Dr. Buathon Thienarrom (5-19 July) and her creation of zen na tai, a unique approach to holistic healing that allows the body to release tension, or Thai lanna healing with Master Phimwanida (25 July-25 August).

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Set on a private island, this resort is a cocooning retreat. Its Refresh programme is a five-night tropical rejuvenation designed to encourage you to focus on mental clarity and detachment from stress while exploring some traditional Khmer techniques with Ayurvedic principles. Over the week, you will undergo various kinds of body massages, including one called Bio-Rhythms, that uses the principles of healing negative ions in its scrub and wrap to renew the bio magnetic energy field. Further focusing on mental clarity and detaching guests from stress, the programme also includes daily consultation with the sanctuary manager and night spa bath rituals. The benefits? Increased levels of energy, a great boost for the immune system and a host of tools to help you cope with everyday stress.

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On this gorgeous resort on the picturesque Ving Hy bay, long-term weight management is approached from a traditional Eastern perspective, designed to help control and manage your weight in a healthy and holistic manner. Amanoi’s ethos is in encouraging and supporting the balance of the body’s energies. Once you’ve done your physical consultation with the resident specialist, a personally-tailored programme will be prepared for you. Using a multi-pronged approach, your retreat will include advice on nutrition, specially-curated menus, personal fitness training, movement sessions and spa treatments all designed to maximise the effectiveness of the digestive and lymphatic systems. The carefully calibrated programme can last between three to 10 days and, at the end of it, you’ll return home with a lighter state of body and mind. This contemporary resort, nestled between a national park and a marine reserve, offers excellent walking trails in addition to all kinds of water sports – from kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding – that add to the programme’s therapeutic aspect.

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