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There’s plenty of hidden gems to be found in this fast-paced metropolitan.



SEE For a quick immersion into the culture of the country, visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The park encapsulates the daily lives of the 26 provinces (during 1975), complete with architecture, style of clothing, dances, and traditions in their respective pavilions. They are equipped with a stage for traditional dance and music performances, or traditional ceremonies that are mostly held on Sundays. Some even have cafeterias so that visitors can have a taste of the local cuisines.

DO If you wish to escape the traffic in Jakarta, take a trip to Pulau Seribu, which translates to “Thousand Islands”. It consists of a group around 110 islands that is an hour or two away from Marina Ancol by ferry or charters. The myriad of tropical fishes and colourful reefs make the islands an ideal place for diving, snorkelling and fishing.

SHOP If you are into antiques, local handicrafts, traditional batik and wayang golek, head to Jalan Surabaya. For more upscale shopping, try Central Jakarta, where two of the grandest malls – Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia – are located close to each other. You’ll find the usual international brands here with some great homegrown labels, too.

STAY The Shangri-La Hotel in the heart of Jakarta combines Western style with classic Javanese tradition. The batik decor in the room reminds you of the country’s heritage, while European artworks and art decor create a modern feel. Rooms are smartly appointed with many offering panoramic view of the city’s skyline.




Royal Brunei Airlines flies Jakarta 6x weekly.

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