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Escape the wildly overdeveloped Bali in just 20 minutes for the idyllic peace of Lombok.



SEE Wander through Lombok’s stunning padi fields with guided walking tours to discover ancient irrigation system that nourishes the crop. June to August will be the best time to see how villagers harvest the rice.

DO The 3,763-metre Mount Rinjani that dominates the island is still an active volcano. Treks to the summit to see the gorgeous sunrise can be arranged with reputable tour guides. For those preferring a less active vacation, there are pretty waterfalls at the foothills. Or head to the trio isles known as Gili that offer dazzling dive spots for both beginners and dive pros.

SHOP The Senggigi Street art shops is the best place to go for your shopping fix. You can also look out for local handicrafts, pottery and furniture in specific villages such as Sukarara for handwoven textiles, Banyumulek for pottery and Sekarbela for pearl jewellery.

STAY Book a suite with open-air bathroom and jacuzzi at 7 Secrets Resort and Wellness Retreat, with a Michelin-starred chef and private butlers on hand. Located at Nipah Bay, it has a diving centre, spa and a talcum powder beach at your disposal.

For more information, go to: lombokindonesia.org


Royal Brunei flies Bali 4x weekly for connections to Lombok. Discover things to do in Lombok in www.muhibah.com.bn

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