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This Indonesian island has plenty to offer for the two-wheeler.


Bali is one of those bucket list destinations that anyone has to do at least once in their lives. There’s the sun, surf, beach, food, culture, panoramic views and of course, the people. But you can’t say you’ve truly seen Bali unless you’ve roughed it on two wheels. And we don’t mean on a scoter or bike.

A cycling adventure in Bali lets you discover the island like never before. It’s a chance to get off the known path, go places where the tourist buses can’t go, and get spectacular rewards from every moment.

Imagine this: as flocks of tourists stand by the roadside taking photos of the padi fields, there you are riding in the middle of the terraced and green rice patchwork. When everyone else whizzes through bucolic villages and narrow mountain roads, you’re able to squeeze through its backlanes and neighbourhood and see the locals in their everyday routine. It’s front row seat to the best of Bali and its culture.

There are many options for cycling adventures in Bali. You can ride along the main road through the many Ubud tourist areas, or get a little bit more adventurous and do a cross country ride from villages at the rim of Mount Batur down to Berawa beach. Along the way, your ride will bring you past bamboo groves, coconut plantations, coffee orchards, strawberry farms and gardens where exotic spices grow. For the more experienced, the trail can also include a ride on a volcano path on Mount Abang, made up of volcanic ash and stones from the last eruption.

There is a ride from Jati Luwih to the sea that will take you to some stunning landscape of terraced padi fields. Jatih Luwih was recently listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its preservation of traditional Balinese farming techniques. Riding from Mount Batur to Ubud lets you through the area featured in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Then there’s the Volcano Trail for some extreme riding. You start at the island’s volcanic core, through steep gradients and undulating descents that are just too thrilling to ignore.

Royal Brunei Airlines mountain biking holiday package is designed together with Century Travel Brunei and Infinity Mountain Biking Bali with a wide variety of trails to suit any level. Infinity also provides experienced guides and drivers with intricate knowledge of the region’s roads, trails and island history.

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