Ad Unit Specifications

Dimensions (W x H) In Pixels Promo Leaderboards (Top & Bottom): 960(w) x 276(h)

Feature Banner: 280(w) x 370(h)

Promo Banner: 280(w) x 185(h)

File Types
GIF, JPG or SWF (only for 728×90 version)
Flash File Size Max
60 KB. Please provide a fallback image in JPG or GIF
Image (GIF/JPG) File Size Max
50 KB
Animation Duration Max
No Limits
Allows 3rd Party Serving?
Allows 3rd Party Tracking?
Video & Audio Permitted?
Yes. Audio and Video are consider as Rich Media which must host with 3rd party. Sound must mute by default.

Flash Specifications

Flash Versions Publish SWF in version 9 or below
Frame Rate
15 fps is recommended
Action Script
Only ActionScript 2.0
Refer here on how to embed ClickTag

HTML Specifications

URL Linking URLS must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e., http://207.123.456.78)Please provide landing URL for all creative.

Third Party

For 3rd Party Hosting, please request technical specifications from the 3rd party.