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When the familiar becomes unfamiliar.

Words Mien Dee


The city of Melbourne is often touted as vibrant. Its rich café scene and European vibe are the pride of the locals and, for visitors, among the things that pull them to explore.

For the frequent visitor, there is always the yearning to find something more. As though Melbourne, with its plethora of events and attractions, remain yet unexplored. That we have only scratched the surface, and like the proverbial tip of the iceberg, there remains much of the city hidden and just waiting to be discovered.

For a city that is so familiar to many, there are still unfamiliar grounds that can be explored. Kent Cuthbert have long had a passion for the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. From participating in sports from an early age right up to competing in 5 Ironman Triathlon events, Cuthbert never tire of reasons to spend time outside. After fifteen years in the corporate world, and realising others should also be shown how amazing Melbourne outdoors is, he started Kayak Melbourne.

Through Kayak Melbourne, Cuthbert not only facilitates others to get active, but also enables visitors – especially locals – to see another side of Melbourne they have not seen before. For many who has taken the meandering opaque waters of Yarra River for granted, kayakking provides an incredible way to sightsee the city from water level. The river really comes to life as the journey takes you past century-old landmarks as the city looms above the trees along the riverbank. For locals, it can be pleasantly disorienting, seeing the everyday in a different light.

Another tour that will cast a new lens over the city is with DJB Photography Walks. With your digital camera or smartphone, the folks at DJB will bring you on an intimate photo tour of Melbourne while sharing with you tips on how to take photos like a pro. Their two-hour photography “walk-shop” (as they like to call it) is part guided exploration to the city’s different areas and part photography tutorial. Knowledgeable guides, or mentors as they are referred to, often shed new light to what’s often familiar around the city. Among them, Brunswick Street where the scene changes everyday and makes for an amazing discovery.

From the paddling to walking, there’s one more excursion left to do. And that’s on two wheels. Freddy’s Bike Tours have got bike lovers covered to explore the city and the surrounds. Bikers start at Federation Square under the guide’s watchful eyes before being led out on Melbourne’s cycling paths to see the most unexpected rock climbing wall in the city, the balmy riverbanks and its gum trees before heading out to Brunswick north of the neighbourhood. The historical commentary that accompanies the ride will help you to understand more clearly than ever how Melbourne came to be. It’s like being in an outdoor classroom, except this is more fun and leisurely.



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