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JPMC reaches deep into the community.


With a strong tradition of working to improve the outcomes of patients through integrated clinical practice, innovation, cutting-edge research and new models of care, Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC), a private specialist hospital in Brunei Darussalam, is at the forefront of adapting to new medical challenges while providing top-notch patient care. Offering a spectrum of services including general, specialised and surgical healthcare, these services are provided by highly qualified and committed multidisciplinary medical team using state-of-the-art technology.

Pioneering expansion to serve the community better, JPMC is set to open Borneo’s first liver transplant facility in mid-2019. The expansion will help strengthen Brunei’s capability in becoming a medical hub for high-end, advanced medical and surgical care in Asia. The facility made possible through a joint medical partnership between JPMC and Yashoda Hospitals, India will perform transplants from living donors. In this partnership, JPMC and Yashoda commit to bring in a team of highly trained specialists to address the exchange and transfer of knowledge within the next five years and set the agenda to support local talents for the best chance of clinical impact.

Founded in 1992, JPMC became the first hospital in Brunei to receive accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2014 and was re-accredited for the second time in 2017, the first for any health institution in the country. Accreditation and certification from JCI is recognised as the gold seal of approval for international quality standards for patient care and organisation management. It further testifies to JPMC’s commitment towards patient well-being, safety and rights, and services and excellence in the medical industry.

Along with more traditional services, such as family medicine, child and maternal care, the development of new specialist programmes will assist in addressing the robust strengthening of JPMC’s existing services. In addition to excellent diagnostic services, JPMC also offers 29 clinical specialties and sub-specialties, including Endocrinology, Gynaecology, Nephrology, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics and Implantology.


Other JPMC notable milestones:
July 2002 – JPMC entered into a joint venture with Gleneagles along with the Government of Brunei to provide tertiary cardiac centre such as coronary angiography, percutaneous coronary intervention and open-heart surgery. Gleneagles is part of the Singapore-based Parkway Group Healthcare, one of Asia’s largest private healthcare organisations.
October 2015 – JPMC signed an MOU with CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre Sdn Bhd (CAE Brunei MPTC) to advance and develop healthcare training capabilities in Brunei.
May 2017 – JPMC signed an MOU with BNH Hospital Thailand on medical education exchange programme.
January 2018 – JPMC and Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd (HYBN) inked agreement to provide medical clinic at designated HYBN’s premises at Pulau Muara Besar.
June 2018 – JPMC surgeon, Dr Sriram Narayanan, Senior Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon from the Harley Street Heart and Cancer Centre, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore performed the first varicose vein treatment on three patients.
October 2018 – JPMC signed an MOU with India’s Yashoda Hospitals to set up the first living donor liver transplant facility in Brunei. The first liver transplant is expected to be performed at JPMC in mid 2019.

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