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The all new 2019 Lexus UX.


Lexus, an innovator in luxury utility vehicles, introduces its newest addition to the lineup, the 2019 UX. It offers the brand’s innovative luxury and safety in a package that combines charismatic new design elements and ultra-efficient new powertrains. For many customers, the UX will not only be their first Lexus, but also their first luxury vehicle.

The UX name is derived from the design team’s guiding concept and describes the vehicle’s mission: Urban + X-over (crossover) = UX. “The Lexus UX is designed for the modern urban explorer seeking a fresh, contemporary and dynamic take on luxury driving,” said Chika Kako, executive vice president of Lexus International and chief engineer of the UX. “We designed the UX to appeal to young buyers who seek not only what is new and exciting, but what is also relevant to their lifestyles.”

Infused with dynamic attitude, the 2019 Lexus UX is engineered to deliver quick and engaging driving with a Lexus-smooth demeanour, making it a unique entry in the luxury compact crossover segment.

The 2019 UX is the first Lexus constructed on the new Global Architecture Compact (GA-C) platform. A lightweight yet super-rigid structure, extremely low centre of gravity and refined suspension tuning endow the UX with exemplary handling agility and ride comfort, along with a distinctive driving personality.

“I wanted to positively overturn the image of a crossover and offer a car with nimble performance and excellent maneuverability that makes it as easy to drive as a sedan,” said Chief Engineer Kako.

The 2019 Lexus UX is available in two versions: the front-wheel drive UX 200 introduces a new high-efficiency 2.0 litre, four-cylinder engine coupled with a new 10-speed Direct Shift Direct Shift Continuously Variable Transmission (DCVT),while the all-wheel drive UX 250h pairs an even higher-efficiency version of the 2.0 litre gas engine with a new fourth-generation hybrid drive system engineered specifically for this platform.

An F Sport version will be available for both the four-cylinder UX200 and the hybrid UX250h. It includes not only the expected visual tweaks to the grille and bumpers but also revised springs and anti-roll bars, 18-inch wheels, and optional adaptive dampers with firmness that can be adjusted via the driving modes.

In terms of exterior design and aerodynamics, the 2019 Lexus UX is a leap forward in the compact luxury crossover segment. The signature grille, though sharing its basic form with other Lexus models, is unique to the UX. It features a new block-shape mesh pattern with individual elements that gradually change in shape as they radiate out from the central Lexus emblem. The grille creates an intriguing three-dimensional appearance that changes with the viewing angle.

Takumi (Japanese for “artisan”) clay modellers worked with design and engineering to refine all exterior surfaces of the UX. Their work was crucial to refining surfaces down to the 0.01 mm level, pushing the boundaries for what could be produced in the body-stamping presses. The Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) with haptic feedback in the 2019 UX is designed to feel as familiar to use as a smartphone. The RTI utilises intuitive operations, such as double-tapping and flicking, to mimic common phone gestures. Frameless construction eliminates edges, and a special coating on the touch pad surface lets fingers easily slide over it while minimizing the appearance of fingerprints. The touchpad can recognise numbers and block letters when typing a search name. Touchpad surface haptic vibrations indicate to the user when the cursor is moved, making it easier to align the cursor with the desired function button.

The Lexus UX’s styling definitely makes a strong impression from every angle. And, with crossovers and SUVs being the hottest trend at the moment, the 2019 UX is indeed the vehicle du jour.

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