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With its excellent roads, Taiwan is the perfect country for a road trip. Here’s a recommendation that will take you to some of Taiwan’s most beautiful sights.



There are a few reasons why Taiwan makes for the ideal country for a short road trip. First, the size of this island allows you to explore its length and breadth in less than two weeks. Second, it’s a relatively safe country to drive around with local law enforcements easily contactable for any help you need along the way. Plus, there are many things to be discovered in just about every corner of the country, from hundreds of years old shrines to hillside escapades and bustling food markets to get a taste of authentic Taiwanese cuisine and to really absorb the buzz of the country.

Kickstart your road trip by flying into Taipei where you can easily chart the rest of your tour, rent a car and get all the essentials you need. Spend a few days exploring the city first, making sure to cover popular spots like Shilin Night Market, Taipei 101, CKS Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple and Beitou Hot Springs.

Day 1, 2 and 3: Road Trip Begins
Let’s start driving! Make your way to Taichung, which is an easy four-hour drive from Taipei. The scenery will start changing as you leave bustling Taipei and start making your way to the quieter cities of Taiwan and its countryside. Taiwan is peppered with 7/11 outlets, which is heaven for road-trippers as you can get anything and everything from the convenient store. Make your pit stops here for essentials.

Check into your Taichung hotel and start exploring! Aim to stay at least two nights here to really cover all grounds. Like most other parts of Taiwan, Taichung is also a foodie haven – not just Taiwanese food but a whole lot of other cuisine as well. Other things worth doing in Taichung? Bike along Highway 139, which is one of the most scenic bike routes (don’t worry, it’s safe too as almost everyone cycles everywhere in Taiwan), visit Yun Lin for its coffee plantations and hillside, Rainbow Village for its vibrantly painted houses and streets, Lavender Cottage Farm that fills up with the beautiful flower from November to April, Feng Chia Night Market and if you’re an anime fan, don’t forget the Totoro Bus Stop.

Day 4: Sun Moon Lake, Here We Come
Taichung is the gateway to the popular Sun Moon Lake, and here’s where you’ll drive to next for your road trip. Aim to head here early so you can take your time exploring the area. There’s really not much to do but to relax and enjoy the quiet ambience (albeit the large crowds of tourists during holiday season). Things to do? Rent a bike to ride around and explore the alleyways and quaint little shops. You can head back to Taichung or check yourself into one of the many Sun Moon Lake hotels for the night.

Day 5 and 6: Head to Hengchun
Hengchun is the main town north of Kenting, which is the direction you’re heading. From Sun Moon Lake, it is an easy drive but takes four to six hours so head out early. Once here, you can spend two days to explore places like Hengchung’s Old City with its ancient city walls, the 200-year-old Checheng Fuan Temple, amazing seafood restaurants and a bustling night market.

Day 7: To Kenting National Park
Taiwan is home to many beautiful sights by Mother Nature, and Kenting National Park is a highlight located in Southern Taiwan. It is one of the nine national parks of Taiwan known for its lush forests and splendid beaches. The best months to visit are March until May and October and November for the weather. It’s a short drive from Hengchun to Kenting National Park, and along the way you’ll pass by gorgeous beaches as well as stunning vistas. Once here, take your time to explore the lush green stretches, hidden forests, hot pools and sand dunes.

Day 8: Back to Taipei
Time to head back to Taipei! You can either drive back or if you’ve arranged to drop your car off at a specific spot in Kenting (some rental services will allow that), then you can opt to take the public transportation back to the capital. It’s really easy! Take a bus from Kenting to Kaohsiung, which will take approximately two-and-a-half hours, and once in Kaohsiung, take the High Speed Rail (a really convenient way to get around Taiwan) to Taipei, which will take 90 minutes.

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