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Whether you’re picnicking on a tropical island that disappears with the high tide, walking along the sea bed in a modern-day diving helmet, or spending the night sleeping on a pontoon under a sea of stars, there is more to the Great Barrier Reef than just donning a snorkel or diving gear.


SEE See the Great Barrier Reef’s “Great Eight”. Whales, manta rays, giant clams, potato cod, sharks, Maori wrasse, turtles and lovable clownfish – just head over to their favourite hang-outs to tick off the box on your great adventure! There are options to ride an underwater scooter, walk along the seabed and travel in a mini submarine to see them all.

DO Ditch the snorkel or diving gear and opt for the ultimate in reef romanticism. Vlasoff Cay is a small streak of sand in an ocean of blue. This tiny sand island appears only at low tide and is the perfect setting for a castaway picnic. You can be dropped off at your own stretch of Great Barrier Reef sand by helicopter or chartered boat and left alone with a picnic hamper.

SHOP If you make your base in Cairns, there are plenty of shopping options to have – from malls to markets and indie stores. The great buys are always the opals and handmade items by the locals. Browse through the markets for potteries and printed shawls, or invest in an aboriginal craft.

STAY Recently named a member of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, Thala Beach Nature Reserve in Port Douglas is made of a series of bungalows built to blend in with the surrounding forest. The resort offers guided nature walks as well as information sessions run by the local indigenous community, the Kuku Yalanji, to help guests learn the stories and culture of these ancient rainforest people.


Royal Brunei Airlines flies Melbourne daily for easy connections to The Great Barrier Reef. Discover things to do in The Great Barrier Reef in

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