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What does it mean to work for a boutique airline like RB and to be part of the bigger picture? MUHIBAH speaks to some team members (some of whom have been there since day one!) who all share one sentiment: They are proud to have grown and be part of the RB family.

Captain Sebastian Newn, Line Captain – Flight Operations, 40 years & Chiam Hui Chia (Angie), Leading Stewardess, Economy Class – Cabin Crew, 20 years

What’s most exciting about working for an airline like RB?
Shela Jehan Mohd Shukor, Cabin Services Officer – Cabin Crew, 19 years: It makes me proud to be part of RB, especially now that the airlines is expanding towards the China sector. I was born in Singapore, and when I was a child, I loved watching Mandarin drama and movies. I even started in a Chinese school, so whenever I’m responsible for taking care of a China sector flight, it serves as a pleasant reminiscence of my childhood when I’m able to practise my speaking skills with guests.

Captain Peter Howard, Line Captain – Flight Operations, 31 years: One, it’s because I’m grateful that they’ve showed faith in me when they promoted me from First Officer, and I’ve been given so much since then. The second, is because I love the Brunei community and their spirit. It’s the local culture and the caliber of the people here that make RB’s service excellent.

Chiam Hui Chia (Angie)Leading Stewardess, Economy Class – Cabin Crew20 years: The possibility of meeting people from all walks of life onboard. You never know who you might meet. Sometimes it can be celebrities, sometimes it can even be friends whom you haven’t seen in ages.

Captain Peter Howard, Line Captain – Flight Operations, 31 years

How has RB provided for you in terms of personal development?
Captain Sebastian Newn, Line Captain – Flight Operations, 40 years: In these 40 years, I have flown the Fokker Friendship with Air New Zealand to a Boeing 737 with RB and took delivery of the Boeing 757 from Seattle to Brunei via Honolulu and Guam. I was promoted to Captain on the Boeing 757 and eventually the Boeing 767. I took on the role as Deputy Training Manager and eventually became a Simulator Instructor and Examiner in 1999, and the first Bruneian to so. In 2003, I joined the Airbus fleet of 319/320during RB’s fleet replacement programme in 2003. In 2007, I became the Chief Pilot. Today I fly the Boeing 787 on the youngest fleet in the region.

Armandi Hj Ahmad, Customer Care Executive – Ground Services, 20 years

What do you love about your job in RB?
Armandi Hj Ahmad, Customer Care Executive – Ground Services, 20 years: I’m grateful to RB for allowing me to grow to become a better person. I love seeing and making a guest smile, which is why I work in Customer Care. It means I’ve achieved something in some ways to make them happy, and knowing that I made a difference makes me smile the whole day.

What makes RB unique?
Shela: Our guests recognise and discern the level of our services, as it’s both due to our training as well as the Brunei culture that is inherent in all of us when it comes to personal interactions.

Captain Peter: As far as flight operations go, when it comes to safety and training, RB never cut corners. Safety first is not just a slogan here; we live it.

What’s your proudest achievement at RB?
Angie: RB has given me room to grow and learn to be more independent and taught me to have more responsibility in a lot of areas in my life.

Captain Sebastian: Taking on the portfolio of pilot cadet selection. We encourage locals to become RB pilots.

Shela Jehan Mohd Shukor, Cabin Services Officer – Cabin Crew, 19 years

What do you want to tell everyone about RB?
Armandi: RB was recently awarded the Skytrax 4-Star Rating and 5-Star APEX. This means that we can compete with other larger airlines. These achievements are not solely on one person, but from all our efforts – from our pilots to the ground crew.

Captain Sebastian: Everyone should fly RB and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

How would you describe the work culture at RB?
Mohd Ashraf Fitri Hj Mohamad, Network Planning Officer – Commercial, 2 years: I’m able to participate in a dynamic and global working environment. While I’m new, RB has aided me to open my mind to a world of possibilities.

Rosalie Wong, Treasury Manager – Finance, 33 years: RB teaches us that we need to have ‘WARM’ – Warm, Attentive, Reliable, Safe and More Innovative – DNA. I feel that RB’s unique point is that all staff is hard working, patient, persevering, and it is reflected in our excellent service. We are here to serve, and we’ll extend our warm touch to every guest.

What sort of career growth have you had at RB?
Mohd Ashraf: The aviation industry is one of the most intense and dynamic industries to be in. Starting off as a graduate trainee in network planning, I was focused on route development and RB statistics. Once I completed my graduate trainee programme, I took up the challenge to be a schedule planning controller and this is a continuous process that evaluates the full horizon of flight scheduling. This involves everything from short-term frequency planning to long-term strategic flight plans. In schedule planning, working on having a sense of coordination, discipline and precision is beyond necessary as this portfolio deals with route launches and revenue optimisation through RB’s primary product – the schedule of RB flights in its entirety. I am very honoured to be able to contribute to RB’s network growth.

Dk Hjh Haslinda Pg Hj Puteh, Executive Assistant to CEO – CEO Office, 27  years: I’ve been with RB for 27 years. I started as a public relations assistant in 1992. In 1995, I took up the position as a personal assistant in Human Resource and decided to try out as a customer relations officer in 2000. I liked it as it exposed me to serving the public and RB customers. In 2007, I took the role of an executive assistant to SVP Yield and Planning then an executive assistant to the Chief of Commercial Planning. As of 2016 to date, I am now the Executive Assistant to the CEO. I have worked with him for seven years and I enjoy the working relationship as he has trust in me and my ability. What I like best about RB is that it has an excellent mentorship programme and that personal development is important.

Hj Mohd Daud Hj Emran, Mechanic, Safety Equipment Workshop – Engineering, over 40 years: I started working in RB as a cleaner. I stayed in the position until I was promoted to become a serviceman five years later. After 10 years, I was once again promoted to a mechanic at Engineering.

Rosalie Wong, Treasury Manager – Finance, 33 years; Dk Hjh Haslinda Pg Hj Puteh, Executive Assistant to CEO – CEO Office, 27 years; Mohd Ashraf Fitri Hj Mohamad, Network Planning Officer – Commercial, 2 years; Hj Mohd Daud Hj Emran, Mechanic, Safety Equipment Workshop – Engineering, over 40 years

What makes RB a great employer?
Dk Hjh Haslinda: Our views are also taken into account, so we feel like we are well taken care of and that our voices are heard.

The best thing about being part of the RB family?
Hj Mohd Daud: I’m contented and happy. Everyone is my friend. While I’m sad that I am retiring next year at 60, I’ve had many happy memories and moments working in RB.

Mohd Ashraf: I feel blessed being part of the RB family because anyone is everyone; you can be yourself and they’ll accept it. In the skies, RB is home.

Adiel Mambara, Country Manager, UK, 13 years

RB has come a long way in its 45 years of service. What would you say are some highlights that make a difference in how it operates?
Rosalie: I feel proud that we’ve hit our milestone of achieving the Skytrax 4-Star rating and APEX 5-Star rating. This is a global recognition as a commercial business apart from being a national carrier. Everyone was joyful to know that all our hard work has culminated in this recognition. We are here to serve, and we’ll extend our warm touch to every guest.

How would you best describe RB?
Dk Hjh Haslinda: The RB family is diverse in culture due to our international reach, with 30 networks. RB is always travelling towards the highest standards in all part of our company. We do not tolerate mediocrity and we provide the highest quality of service.

Donzilia Cerqueira Elias (Donna), Sales & Marketing Development Coordinator, UK – Commercial, 3 years

What is RB’s unique quality?
Agnes Fernandez-Yanga, Station Manager, Manila – Ground Services, 31 years: Being a boutique airline, RB’s relationship with a client, service provider and supplier is personal. It goes beyond the surface.

Donzilia Cerqueira Elias (Donna), Sales & Marketing Development Coordinator, UK – Commercial, 3 years: RB is warm, authentic and hospitable. We offer the comfort of refined simplicity with a boutique airline experience.

Tell us an interesting story you have about your time with RB.
Donna: I was part of the commemoration of RB’s launch of non-stop flight to London Heathrow to Brunei on 28 October, 2018 where I was involved in the successful planning and organisation of this event.

Agnes: I recall when I first started handling RB flights in 1988, we did everything manually – boarding passes, baggage tags, loadsheets, passenger manifests, airline tickets – they were all handwritten. Today, there is web check-in, mobile boarding passes, automated baggage tags, computerised loadsheets and virtual ticket coupons. Isn’t that amazing?

Farhanah Omar, Traffic Officer, Singapore – Ground Services, 31 years

What has been your journey like with RB all these years?
Adiel Mambara, Country Manager, UK, 13 years: From when I joined, I have been part of RB’s amazing journey. Because we are small in comparison to the bigger airlines, I have been fortunate to work in different departments and gain the necessary skills to continue delivering on RB’s business objectives.

Farhanah Omar, Traffic Officer, Singapore – Ground Services, 31 years: Time flies and RB has come a long way. We started flying to a few destinations and now 30 destinations. Our very own aircraft has been upgraded with a new facelift. We are now 4-stars on Skytrax and we are still striving to do better.

Have you visited Brunei? What do you like about it?
Donna: I have and I enjoyed visiting the water village, Kampong Ayer. It is one of the oldest water villages in the world.

Agnes Fernandez-Yanga, Station Manager, Manila – Ground Services, 31 years

How does RB contribute to your personal development?
Farhanah: Working for RB has given me a sense of fulfilment as I am able to lead a work-life balance. RB sends me for courses to keep me abreast with the industry’s evolution. On a personal note, I am able to refine my interpersonal skills as interacting with people is one of our core duties.

Agnes: Working with RB all these years have taught me how to balance being professional on the job but at the same time to also be broad minded, to be able to emphatise and understand not just our passengers and colleagues but whomever I meet, even outside of my work.

Tell us how you feel about being part of the RB family.
Adiel: I am excited with the recognition that RB is getting on the world aviation stage – by winning the esteemed 4-star Airline Rating from Skytrax and the 5-star rating from the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). This is testimony of how far RB has come. It makes me proud to be part of a successful company.

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