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Vorravit Siripark, founder of the luxury organic Thai skincare, PANPURI, speaks of the brand ethos and goals.


What was your moment of inspiration for starting Panpuri Lotus Defense natural skincare line?
The lotus flower is important in the lives of the Thai people. It is also so rare that one can harvest it for only 150 hours per year. We created the Lotus Defense™ range as our way of paying homage to the sacred lotus of the East. Being a proud Thai brand, we wanted to communicate the benefits of using this revered flower while also promoting a sense of Thai-ness in everything that we do and in all of our products.

Which product has been most popular in the line?
Our best-selling products under the Lotus Defense™ are the Brightening Serum and the Face Treatment Oil. The serum received the “Best New Premium Skincare Product” award at the inaugural Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018 in Dubai. The Face Treatment Oil is a 100% natural and organic oil infused with organic olive, organic jojoba, marula, borage and rice oils. Despite Thailand’s heat and humidity, the oil – formulated as “dry oil” – is so lightweight that it is quickly absorbed onto the skin without a greasy or sticky feeling.

There are so many organic and eco-friendly products out there, what makes Panpuri different?
Panpuri differentiates itself from other brands through our three core values – purity, pleasure and results – that reflect our commitment to our customers. We ensure that all our product collections are formulated using the most efficacious and clean ingredients while prohibiting over 2,300 harmful or questionable ingredients. We are stringent in our sourcing process, ensuring that our ingredients are industry-certified and do not harm humans and the environment.

You spoke of the brand evolving into more environmentally friendly formulations as it goes into its third generation. What do you mean by this?
We have created our own blacklisted ingredients called the ZeroList™. A mark of clean beauty, our ZeroList™ is a list of over 2,300 questionable, potentially harmful ingredients that we do not use in our formulations. We believe that if it touches the skin, then it should be void of doubtful, dangerous ingredients. In everything we do, we always remember we too are consumers. As such, we warrant honesty and clarity that optimally brings all customers peace of mind.

Since launching Panpuri Lotus Defense what lessons have you learnt? Will the line expand or remain pared down?
People are in search for brands and products that are guaranteed to be safe to humans and the environment and most importantly, deliver results. We want to remain transparent in all our ingredients and formulations to consistently deliver products that are clean and devoid of harmful chemicals. The natural and organic beauty industry is a thriving sector. We believe that clean beauty is not just a passing trend but it is here to stay, thus the entire Panpuri product collection that we will be launching will expand along the same clean beauty concept. As for Lotus Defense, this whole range will remain as
it is as it covers a wide range of rituals for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

You’ve now got a spa, onsen and a healthy café. It appears Panpuri has come full circle. Is there anything more to do?
Being a beauty and wellness lifestyle brand that empowers our customer to reach their wellness goals, we believe that the essence of wellness is beyond the physical. It is a balance of mind and body which also involves other dimensions such as environmental, spiritual, intellectual, social and occupational. Panpuri is determined to materialise the wellness lifestyle concept for their good health, balanced lifestyle and better quality of life. We are also working on expanding our skincare and hair care ranges which we will be starting to roll out by next year.

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