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Escape the heat and hit the adrenaline button at Kuala Lumpur’s best indoor play spaces that will be loved by the active and adventurous.



The heat and humidity has always been a challenge for any urbanite to stay active. But, thanks to the mushrooming of many indoor play spaces, the urban warriors can still stay on the game without getting cranked up by the weather. These spots offer plenty of options to have fun while keeping fit.




Rock climb in a safe, controlled, fun environment while acquiring new skills on top of improving your fitness and confidence levels. Camp 5 is a state-of-the-art indoor rock climbing facility, with over 400 boulder, toprope and lead routes from beginner level to pro. Routes are changed every 3-6 months so there’s always something new to challenge you. For beginners, the Basic Wall Course is a great introduction to climbing, its safety and related know-hows. The instructors here are friendly and helpful, and there is not a wall that you could find unchallenging.




District 21 is Klang Valley’s go-to space for white-knuckle rides, vertigo-induced slides, cardio-worthy trampolines and reality-TV-styled aerial obstacle courses. This place is huge – totaling 70,000 sq ft space so you can imagine the fun and excitement housed under one roof. For the first time visitor, the place may seem daunting; but once you get over your initial shyness (and perhaps even fear), you will be returning to this place time and again. There are climb walls for the young ones, aerial maze for tweens, a zip line obstacle course for adults – in short, something for everyone in the family!




Unleash your inner child spirit at EnerZ with its trampoline challenges. Much like Jumpstreet, EnerZ’s trampolines offer the chance to slam dunk, play dodge ball and drown in a foam pit. Adults can also look forward to a challenging sky rope circuit and a flying fox line that cuts across the warehouse. The Gut Builder for the little ones is a downsized version of the adults’ sky ropes, a rock climbing wall and rope cages. In this maze of fun, it takes courage and patience to finish the course.



At first glance, Funtopia seems to be a kids-designated spot. Believe it or not, the oldest guest they had was a 67-year-old chap who found the entire place fantabulous! First and foremost, Funtopia has the most unusual climbing walls. They can be fun for the adults but for the kids, the climbing walls are like vertical puzzles waiting to be unraveled as they escalate to higher ground. The star of the place has got to be the giant drop Slide. A T-bar raises you to your most comfortable height before you let go and slide down the vertical slide, falling at speed before bouncing off the bottom.




Part of its appeal is the re-purposed warehouse that houses this impressive trampoline park. Described as an urban playground for the young and old, here is where the rules of gravity no longer apply. Make no mistake: this is not your backyard, standard springboards. It’s serious stuff – the kind that gets your heart pumping for a great cardio workout. The ‘park’ is divided into several sections. There is a dedicated kids area (also perfect for first time jumpers), a freestyle jumping area, a foam pit, an area to sharpen your slam dunking skills and a high performance area with six Olympic-spec trampolines and vertical running walls of different heights.



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