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Highlights and trends from around the globe.


SILENT ROLLER Travelling soon? Check out the Stealth by Heys. Inspired by aircraft design, the Stealth is the first ever luggage with retractable wheels that safely stow away when not in use. This revolutionary system also allows for the luggage ground clearance to be transformed into additional packing space. Other features include a 100% polycarbonate shell, a fully-lined interior with compression straps, and a handsome aircraft-inspired design.




MODEST COVER What could be better than modest clothing modernised for the 21st century? SHUKR goes beyond the traditional abayas and jilbabs and combines Shariah principles with contemporary fashion for clothing produced of the highest standards. Its product line includes women’s tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, sportswear and knitwear that are not just modest, but beautiful and functional. There is also a line of men’s shirts, trousers, jackets and hats. And here’s why we love Shukr even more: the company follows fair trade and ethical labour practices, and applies Islamic financial and investment principles, avoiding interest-based financing.




BUCKET LIST Jackie Onassis made famous the iconic bucket bag by Saddler’s Union. That heritage design continues today, with the company relying on classic quality and timeless elegance for its leathergoods. Plenty to choose from the line, including retro rustic wallets, belts, briefcases and even moccasins.




SUN SMART Looking for that sunscreen for the entire family? Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer SPF 40 For Face Sunscreen is perfect for babies, kids and grown-ups, too! Fueled by the power of plant science, Babo infuses the sunscreen with 100% active mineral (non-nano) ingredients such as organic aloe vera and powerful anti-oxidants like white tea.




BACKYARD SCIENCE This high-performance creamy moisturiser with a sweet fragrance of vintage gardenia will lift you to holiday dreams and make your spirit sing. Antipodes’ Delight Hand and Body Cream has a 98% natural formulation, including macadamia nut and the revolutionary Vinanza Grape®.




NEON RUN The Swiss brand Urwerk is making one of their most appealing timepiece collections even better. The popular UR-105 TA “Turbine Automatic Knight Watches” now extends the range with new visual styles. With an automatic winding movement, the model now comes in neon orange and lemon, making a stylish contrast against the black PEEK cap.




RED FLAG Dinner parties come alive with the Alcazar line by Christopher Vine. This red statement pieces will be the envy of your friends, and we love how the jug can double up as a vase and the bowls make decorative pieces. Vine’s homewares are always known for its creativity and style.


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