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Highlights and trends from around the globe.

Field notes
GOOD ROOTS The Field Notes Shelterwood Notebooks with wood covers are by far some of the coolest notebooks ever to be made. Made of a super thin sheet of American Cherry wood glued to a cardboard stock, each cover is completely unique. The wood grain pattern gives the notebooks a distinctive character, and you’ll long to pen all your thoughts in them at every opportune time.


Softness Sings

SOFTNESS SINGS Diptyque has a fabulous new skincare line for the face. The focus of L’Art Du Soin is on bringing out natural radiance and softness. Two products worth checking out are the Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay and the Radiance Boosting Powder. The former gently exfoliates while the powder’s mix of vitamins and trace minerals restores dull-looking skin.


spirited away

SPIRITED AWAY Sun-ripened yuzu grapefruit blends with Tuscan rose, stonecrop, lavender and white strawberry for a delicate fragrance in Voluspa’s Yuzu Rose range. Scent your home with the new candles or get the mist that can be used on the body. Both are a treat to the olfactory.


Rebel Metal

REBEL METAL The ultimate in luxury is the new range of MINE Luxury Lacquer nail polish. Made with pure silver and 22 and 24K gold, and free from all the chemical nasties, MINE turns your nails into the most precious part of your body. Colours also include blue-gray, carmine, graphite and aluminium.


Cup to go

CUP-TO-GO Imagine gourmet coffee on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. Grower’s Cup makes it possible with its disposable coffee press. A clever hybrid between a filter coffee brewer and a French Press, this lightweight and environment-friendly bag lets you simply pour hot water in the pouch and pour the coffee out. The unique brewing system preserves the coffee’s natural oils and delicate flavours for a great brew.


simply vintage

SIMPLY VINTAGE This paddle strop razor case walks the line between luxury and utility. From Bison comes a vintage style redesigned in dense cocobolo hardwood with solid brass hardware and draped in fine calfskin leather. Designed to be convenient for travel for the traditional wet shaver, the paddle strop is uncompromising in its purpose to keep your blade sharp.


Oral Opulance

ORAL OPULENCE Reinast may have invented the most expensive toothbrush ever. Its price? €3,200. Made from solid titanium, a material known for its biocompatibility, it comes with replaceable bristles that have an antibacterial coating. The price includes free replacements of the brush head every six months. And, for added luxe, you can have your initials (or family crest) engraved on the head, too.


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