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Highlights and trends from around the globe.


GREAT DANES Mid-century modernism is Christensen bags in a nutshell. Inspired by its rich Danish heritage while infused with an American west coast spirit, the range offers a handsome line of everyday carry-alls made from the best materials such as waxed canvas on the outside, heavy duty black canvas on the inside, and US sourced dark brown Latigo leather.


Smart Turnout

IN SERVICE Smart Turnout watch collection is quintessentially British yet fresh and definitely quirky. Vibrant colours and bold patterns freshen up the everyday man’s wardrobe. The Watch Box collection is perfect when you want to dress up or dress down your attire, with four interchangable straps and a watch based on the classic design of the British Army’s standard timepiece.


Fredericks and Mae

SPIN DOCTOR Fredericks and Mae puts a nice twist to a classic favourite. Taking the dominoes one notch up, the duo’s Flag Dominoes replaces the classic dots to silkscreened nautical flags to communicate numbers 0-6. Made from baltic birch.



CRAFTS GALORE Malaysian handicraft store Karyaneka has just launched its very first online portal and mobile application, which allows customers from around the world to purchase Malaysian-made handicrafts of outstanding craftsmanship. Browse for pewter, woodcarving, silver brassware, Malaysian fabrics like songket and batik, and many more through this exciting portal.


Le Labo

TALL GRASS Haiti’s haute vetiver crop and Grasse local know-how accord Le Labo Vetiver 46 the distinction it deserves as a top vetiver fragrance. It also contains pepper, bergamot and cedar along with 43 other essences that make it up; each expressing strength of character in its own way.



SAFER SKIN Did you know you’ll probably spend over 50,000 minutes shaving? Here’s how you can shave with less hassle – with Tico Shave Oil. This 4-in-1 pre-shave, shave oil, after-shave and moisturiser not only is 100 percent organic, but the hemp and peppermint oil combo feel great on skin. So shave different!


Bentley Eyewear

BRIT LUXE Bentley’s luxury now extends to a collection of exclusive, made-to-order and limited edition Bentley Eyewear. Materials denote exclusivity, like this B-9002 model made of mono block titanium and temple tips from natural buffalo horn. Surprisingly lightweight and comfortable, it truly epitomises the Bentley spirit.


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