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Highlights and trends from around the globe.

Chief Trunk

LINES DEFINED Goodbye trunks, hello weekend bags. Reviving an old American brand, Chief Trunk bags are a collection of straightforward and familiar styles. Once considered the Louis Vuitton of America, the brand’ fresher look of a weekender, a duffel and various totes still has some serious heritage in them.



AWED BANDS Korloff wedding rings have an aura of timeless glamour and elegance. The collections display years of excellent craftsmanship. Styles range from classical to modern and fashionable. Plus, it’s the only jewellery company with its own patent on the Korloff Cut facet for greater stone brightness. Now at Empire Hotel & Country Club Brunei.


Another Studio

MINI CITIES Mark your favourite pages to create you own tiny skyline of the city! City Clips by Another Studio are little architectural page markers produced to a scale of 1:5000. Their first London set includes four stainless steel markers: Battersea Power Station, London Eye, St Marys Axe (aka The Gherkin) and The Shard.


Thomas Eyck

SLEEK PACK Packed lunchboxes are not just for kids. Thomas Eyck commissioned Dick van Hoff for this very manly and very adult looking lunch box set. So throw away those frumpy plastic containers for this aesthetically cool leather-strapped duo.



PRETTY, PLEASE This delicious range of organic body care products and fragrances use coconut oil at its core. But Indah does more than just boxing the oil. It sources organic ingredients and use aromachology and ayurvedic healing to transform each product into a luxurious experience.


Ulrich Lang

FINE ELEMENTS Drowning in a sea of scents? This new one by Ulrich Lang will have you stand out. With top notes of pink, white and black pepper; middle notes of tobacco, jasmine and cedar wood; and hints of musk and amber; Aperture is an alluring blend sure to captivate.


Slow Watch

SINGLE HAND A watch that cleverly displays all 24 hours of the day and just a single hand on the clockface. That’s Slow Watch. Reading it may get some getting used to, but if it’s a distinct and unique timepiece you’re looking for, then this is it. Boasts of a Swiss-made Ronda Caliber 505.24 GMT movement and a fantastic style.


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